Welcome to HPA Rulez

We build an airsoft players’ community platform where players can connect, introduce and rate commercial and free play grounds, negotiate playing groups, message other players and more.

We at HPA rulez design and build HPA adapters and offer them attached to greengas-magazines, tested and ready to use: plug & play!

We convert defective electric airsoft weapons of all kinds to the HPA system using Polarstar and Mancraft HPA engines.

After the conversion, we test and evaluate the converted airsoft weapons, and then offer the unique items on our webshop.

In case that you have an used and defective weapon or greengas magazines that you do cannot to use anymore, please contact us. In case that we can convert and sell the converted items, you’ll receive a part of our profit.

In case that you want to promote our work, you can become affiliated and receive a commission of all sales by people who were sent to our website by you !

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